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Live in harmony with people and land

Savali Sanctuary is a new intentional eco-community in the Western Bay of Plenty. We are in the process of founding a not-for-profit society, purchasing a 13-acre certified organic avocado and citrus orchard with a covered market garden, to build a community of people who commit to the development of land and self for our future and beyond.

About Savali

Savali Incorporated

Savali has yet to be registered as a society.

Our Not-For-Profit Society holds the community together with a joint vision and purpose. We come together to bring to life the society’s purpose and goals.

Savali Incorporated, has the primary purposes to:

  • create a template for communal living
  • promote regenerative systems for land management
  • establish food security
  • promote harmony and conscious interconnectedness between people and nature/Papatūānuku
  • create a space for healing, learning, growth, creativity, and fun

In accordance with the incorporated societies act, any profits of Savali Incorporated will be invested in regenerative and charitable activities in line with the above purposes.


Savali Sanctuary

Savali Sanctuary is a new intentional eco-community in the Western Bay of Plenty. We are in the process of purchasing a 13-acre certified organic avocado and citrus orchard with a covered market garden, where we intend to build a community of people working and developing the land.

Savali Sanctuary is made up of all of its members and all the activities, organisations, groups, projects, and businesses, that operate within proximity to the orchard. These are run and managed by community members and have an intentional connection to the community based on shared values.

In addition to the society’s purposes, Savali Sanctuary aims to:

  • build a space for living (home) and livelihood (income) for members
  • provide a secure and safe space for children
  • establish food security on the land and extend this beyond to the wider local community
  • secure our collective financial obligations to our supporters
  • network and include individuals and groups from the region and beyond to cooperate with Savali Incorporated in its purposes and goals
Savali Organics

Food production is at the centre of what we do at Savali Sanctuary, with all Savali Sanctuary members contributing to the business as a part of their community service hours. Savali Organics is the trading name for our market activities and produce sales.

We are to become kaitiaki of 13 acres of beautiful whenua that is certified organic with a 2,500 square metre greenhouse and a well-established market garden flourishing with nourishing veggies.

There are also 300 avocado trees, a citrus orchard, and other fruit trees. With unlimited potential, we see a co-creation of a massive food forest!

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Memberships of Savali Incorporated

Members are all links between the land-based community and the wider Western Bay of Plenty and Bay Of Plenty Community.

Membership Process

Paid Memberships

Friends of Savali Sanctuary = donation membership level to support Savali Incorporated in its causes. Pre-requisite for application for other memberships. No membership rights or duties.

Friends of Savali Sanctuary Application

Full Member = pays one-off joining fee and annual membership contributions and has full decision-making rights.

Provisional Member = trial period (3 to 6 months), pays one-off joining fee, contributes to consensus decision-making processes, has decisions making rights in all areas except policy changes and adding/removing members from the community.

Expression of Interest Form

Garden Member = is a ‘Friends’ member and volunteers a defined amount of hours in the gardens or on the land, receives a produce pack, and has no decision-making rights.

All members may attend the society’s Annual General Meeting.


Child Member = children of adult, full residents living on the land who are up to 18 years of age and/or still in education or training (incl homeschooling). Can apply for full membership in the same process as other potential members, but do not need to become ‘Friends of the Community’ first. They have no or limited decision-making rights but can contribute to consensus-oriented processes.

Supporters = investors, who hold a share of the mortgage security over the land, who are not also a resident / full member. Get an interest return on the investment, a free ‘Friends of the Savali’ Membership, shortened community entrance on waiting list, discounted glamping package with accommodation and wellness services, discounted produce packs, and more. They also have access to communal land & social events. They have no membership rights or responsibilities, although they can attend the annual general meeting of the society.

Apply to Invest in Savali Sanctuary

Guest = friend or family member, and staying with a resident on their site.

Visitor = travellers, WWOOFers, interns, people wanting to experience community living, maximum stay 3 months.

Savali Vision

As Kaitiaki, we live in harmony with land, people, and self, authentically and empowered. By integrating regenerative systems in our physical world, our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being – we give back more than we take. We co-create and actively participate in a collective, valuing our evolutionary journeys, leading with love, and opening other realms of possibility in which we thrive. The footprint we leave for future generations shall be rich, diverse, and abundant.

We were inspired by the lyrics of the Amadou and Miriam song “Sabali” (and later Damian Marley’s version: “Patience”), in which the chorus reads:

Sabali, sabali, sabali yonkote

Sabali, sabali, sabali kiye

Ni kêra môgô

Patience, Patience, Patience, it’s what the world is about

Patience, Patience, Patience,

let’s all join souls

With this starting point, we began to morph, render, transpose and transliterate the word to create a new… and so Sabali became Savali.

So we take all the meanings of Sabali and Savali integrated to define our name.

Definitions of SABALI

Bambara (Mali): Patience, Patient

Sanskrit: Twilight / Evening

Ilocano: different, not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality

Definitions of SAVALI

Samoan: Message, also: amble, walk, tread, walkabout

Marathi: protection, shade, shade tree, shadiness, shadow, shadowiness, shadow mask; to decline to stand in the shadow of; to be, or become midday.

Kannada: a place where 2 things meet, a set of 2 similar, corresponding or complimentary things that make a pair, inconsistency of 2 opinions of the same person, contradictory statement or contradiction

Hindi: questioner, beggar

Turkish: Savior

Hindi (girls name): dark / beautiful

Objectives | Goals | Aspirations

to grow a local, organic, fresh food supply for the community, market, and local food security

Objective 1

to build and stock our cellar and food stores

Objective 2

to build, manage and maintain a sustainable and profitable business from the land to further community development and regeneration of local waterways and marginal lands

Objective 3

to develop a Healing Hub – for healing, health consultations, bodywork, yoga, spirituality, retreats, magic, meditation, and education

Objective 4

to establish medicine gardens for the health and well-being of the community, as well as securing, conserving, and protecting medicinal herbs and plants

Objective 5

to create a sustainable system of closed loop garden and humanure composting cycles and greywater systems, returning clean and healthy resources to the land

Objective 6

to develop a variety of small-scale and ecologically robust solar/wind/hydro power solutions and water sources, to support the community's functions with and beyond the use of council and mains supply

Objective 7

to use and develop ecologically sound technologies and methods for building & construction

Objective 8

to develop and support local and community economy by hiring our members for labour on the land and within businesses owned by community members as much as possible

Objective 9

to pool resources for shared use and joint benefit – tool sharing, book library, toy library, bulk food co-op, seed sharing, clothes swaps, vehicle/ride-sharing, and more...

Objective 10

to host workshops for learning, practicing, and sharing community living skills – communication, facilitation, conflict resolution, project skills, permaculture, regenerative farming, and more...

Objective 11

to design and increase wildlife habitats, diverse shelterbelts, riparian planting, flood/storm-water management systems, abundant margins and edges

Objective 12

to create many opportunities for human connections, including shared meals, leisure activities, seasonal celebrations, camp-fires, kids activities, homeschooling support, and all manner of fun and laughter

Objective 13

to build beautiful and inspirational indoor and outdoor communal areas, garden pergolas, seats and meditation platforms, sauna, spa pool, walking paths, and gardens

Objective 14

Current and Potential Projects & Initiatives

Healing Hub & Other Community Initiatives

  • Our healing hub has a cosy yurt with fireplace and room for further expansion. A space for healing and growth with workshops and retreats.
  • The Hub is run by the Savali Sanctuary members cooperatively as a service for the community and as a venue for community members to offer their services.

Other initiatives could be managed in the same way and could include ideas such as a co-working space, cafe, sauna, library, and more.

They are projects that the whole community runs, backs and is invested in. They are for the benefit of Savali Sanctuary members and the wider community.


Business & Individual Initiatives

  • Businesses that and individual, family or group of members run from the land and are separate from the community in terms of finances, governance, decision-making etc.
  • These could include healing services, workshops, retreats, crafted products, an art studio, consulting, online activities, value-added products and more…

Our Ideal Team

Who we are looking for


people with a strong connection to the land, who want to actively work in the greenhouse, gardens, and edible landscapes, practice permaculture, and regenerative land management, to create a rich, diverse and robust property for food security and wildlife.


individuals, couples, and families of any nationality, culture, belief- / religious orientation, gender, age, and ability, who are willing to see the gifts everyone has to offer and the benefit of diversity in humans as in nature.


individuals with a sense of beauty and aesthetics who can contribute to weaving community activities with art to create spaces that enhance creativity, joy, wellness, and self-expression.


people who are bound by care for nature, the land, and other people, who look at their contribution and being as a valuable part of something greater, which influences everyone in the community now and for future generations.


people who are prepared to invest their hearts and souls into the success of the project and all its members, individuals who recognise that the success of one is dependent on the success of all.


hard-working people and a willingness to pitch in with communal projects and mahi, team players, and people with special skills and abilities to contribute in their best way.


individuals on a spiritual journey of their own, willing to grow and learn and develop themselves holistically and mindfully, with all of the intensities, emotions, triggers, and relationship challenges that living in a community provides us with.


people with personal values and a strong fundamental understanding of who they are, who share the communal values, vision, and purpose, which guide everything that we do, from projects to decision making.


individuals and families who want to live connected to the land, with all the comforts of belonging, connection, great food, health, and love, in simple, small and/or removable dwellings, which have little impact on the land during construction, living and end-of-life disposal.

Invest in Savali Incorporated

We are currently looking for people who are aligned with our values and vision to invest financially in the purchase and development of the land. If you are interested in supporting a regenerative land-based and community-focused project, with investment returns and other perks of connection with an intentional community, this might be for you. Supporters may wish to apply to live at Savali Sanctuary, or be outside supporters of the project.

Apply to invest or email invest@savali.org for more information.

Membership Commitments

Provisional and full members are expected to contribute in the following ways

1. Financial Contribution in addition to occupation license payments or rental fees

  • joining fee ($1000) > one-off payment per adult, mostly for showing commitment to the project and a buffer until annual payments are made (during trial membership)
  • annual membership fee ($500 plus 1% per year after the founding year of 2022) > per adult member, for regular trainings (ie non-violent communication (NVC), sacred rituals, personal development and development of the group)

2. Labour

  • 7-10 hours per week for Savali Organics, our community gardens > contributing to the business activities in the first instance, then improving the land and community structures
  • contributions to working bees and projects Savali Sanctuary, helping other members build homes and structures etc.

3. Meetings

  • active participation in weekly full group meetings
  • as the community grows and focus groups can be formed, whole group meetings will become less frequent (ie monthly)
  • active participation in at least one focus circle

4. Shared Community Meals

  • Monthly shared community meals > attendance expected in order for group cohesion to grow and a sense of family to establish
  • These are potluck meals and due to the varied dietary requirements of members, we ask that dishes are plant-based/vegan.

5. Trainings

  • training and practice to be undertaken on joining the community (requirement to join)
  • regular trainings with the whole group to practice communication / facilitation skills, personal development, mediation, and to move us forward with better processes
  • estimated to be monthly 2-4 hours
  • the group will choose the topics > with initial focus on non-violent communication (NVC) training, consensus or sociocracy, facilitation skills, community living skills training

Community Non-negotiables

What you need to know about Savali Sanctuary community non-negotiables

Our community non-negotiables apply to all residents, members, visitors, and guests. As the community develops and grows we anticipate that there will be new additions to this list and items that are reworded for better understanding, but not that any of the above can be removed.

  • We do not raise animals for meat. We are not a vegetarian or vegan community, although we strive to understand the impacts that traditional animal husbandry and the consumption of meat and animal products have on the planet. We are committed to mainly vegan community meals.
  • We make decisions together using a modified sociocratic/consensus process for decision-making and strive to include the needs and concerns of every member in the solution. All members will be trained in the process.
  • As adult members, we all commit to 7-10 hours of work in the gardens and on the land each week as community service, as well as maintaining their allocated area.
  • We do not tolerate any form of substance abuse or addiction in our community. Recreational use of drugs in social situations seems reasonable. Supply and use of hard drugs (Heroin, P) will not be accepted.
  • Violence (especially domestic violence and violence against children) will not be tolerated.
  • New community members agree to provide references and a criminal records check for every country they have lived in for more than 6 months in the last 10 years.
  • Community meetings are mandatory.
  • It is expected that all adult members attend and participate actively in at least 75% of all community meetings.
  • Community Members commit to regular training events and workshops to educate themselves on communication, facilitation, conflict resolution, and other topics.
  • Discrimination of any variety is not tolerated.
  • We strive to build a zero waste and carbon neutral community.
  • We build small homes in keeping with nature and the natural world, with minimal impact in extraction, processing, transportation, construction, and end of use.
  • Everything brought onto the land must comply with our existing organic certification.

If you can agree with the above statements and are keen to find out more about joining us on this journey, please submit your Expression of Interest here.

Savali Membership Processes

To join Savali Incorporated and become a ‘Friends of Savali Sanctuary’ member, fill in the application form and make your chosen donation to Savali Incorporated (there is no minimum donation value).

Our current process for joining Savali Sanctuary is:

1. Initial Contact

    • Sign up to become a ‘Friend of Savali Sanctuary’. This membership shows your commitment to the values, principles, purpose, and goals of the society. Your membership contribution goes towards all of the organisation and work of the community.
    • Read our Community Non-Negotiables (you must be able to agree wholeheartedly with all of the points to begin the application process to become a resident member)
    • Complete the Expression of Interest Questionnaire

2. Arrange a social visit

    • a shared meal is ideal, but most things work
    • meet the community initiating group and current members
    • get a tour of the community property
    • or, attend a Community Working Bee

3. Integration Period:

    • You will be assigned a buddy member in the community, to guide you through this period
    • Complete the online training and recommended reading, listening & watching.
    • Start attending regular community meetings (Wednesday evenings) – you must attend 4 to join, optional volunteering on the land, and attend at least one working bee.
    • Read founding documents, vision statement, and community agreements.
    • Orientation Stay (optional) – our orientation program is designed to allow anyone interested in joining our community to stay on-site for a period of time (1-4 weeks), work on the land, join meetings, share meals and ultimately decide if it’s for them. This is a great way to attend meetings if you are from out of town. Attendees must bring their own accommodation (van, tent, cooking facilities). There is a shared shower and toilet on-site.

4. Apply to join

    • You can decide if this is for you and ‘apply’ to join.
    • To apply you must provide:
        • your criminal history record (for each country you have lived in for 6 months or more within the last 10 years),
        • we reserve the right to undertake reference checks before admitting you to live at Savali Sanctuary and during your trial phase/provisional membership. For this, we ask you to provide contact information (name, phone number, email, and relationship to you) from 2 current or previous landlords, 2 current or previous colleagues, 2 close friends or family members.
    • The current group will discuss your application and decide if you are a fit for the project. In choosing our community members we are striving to find a balance in the dynamics of the group. We will either
        • decide that you are not a fit, we will let you know (we are not obliged to give a reason) or
        • invite you to join as a provisional member/trial member on the land

5. Provisional Membership

    • Sign agreements and pay joining fee to become a provisional member in a 3-month trial phase (the trial phase begins when you move onto the land; the trial phase can be extended up to a total of 6 months by the existing committee, or the provisional member can have their membership terminated before the 3 months should there be serious misalignment or gross misconduct)
    • The joining fee for Savali Sanctuary Membership is $1000 as a one-off payment which includes legal and admin fees and costs for training and group process work.
    • After the trial phase, committee members can decide (we are not obliged to give a reason) if full membership will be granted. (If not, 50% of the joining fee will be refunded)

6. Full membership

    • Pay an annual membership fee 
    • Official Welcome
Membership Fees

The joining fees for Savali Incorporated (“Friends of Savali Sanctuary” Membership) are a donation to the Society and will be used for any furtherance of the purposes of the society.


The joining fee for Savali Sanctuary Membership is $1000 as a one-off payment which includes legal and admin fees and costs for training and group process work.

  • If you are not accepted as a full member of Savali Sanctuary after the trial phase, 50% of the joining fee shall be refunded.
  • If your process leads to a full membership at the end of the trial phase / provisional membership, the annual membership subscription will become due.

The annual membership subscription is $500 plus 1% per year after the founding year (2022) that you join Savali Sanctuary.

  • So if you join in 2022, your annual fee will be $500. If you join in 2023, your annual fee will be $505, those joining in 2024 will pay $510 annually, and so on…
  • Having joining fees gradually increase acknowledges that each year the community is slightly more developed and thus more valuable than it was the year before, both in terms of physical infrastructure and a more developed social infrastructure and culture. It also honors the financial outlay and level of risk taken by the founders and earlier members in comparison to members joining later as they’re joining a community that is much more physically visible and substantial.
  • Your contribution for annual fees is used for training and personal / group development sessions. Any surplus will be directed to pay for seasonal celebrations.
  • Annual fees are due each year on the date of your acceptance as a full member.

Any occupation license fees will be as agreed and paid every week to Savali Incorporated.

If your occupation license includes provisions for power or mains water, these will be metered and billed separately.

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